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The signet ring, a modern classic

A modern jewelry piece with a classic story, the signet ring might even be more relevant now than it used to be.

Often considered the 'gentleman's ring', the signet ring has been around since the beginning of jewelry making. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs would wear gold signet rings with hieroglyphs on them to show their position. Later on, as a symbol of family heritage that was mostly used to sign important documents, it was worn by aristocratic men. Typically it had the person’s family crest or another symbol that represented the individual engraved, often in reverse and either directly into the metal of the ring or an inset gem. This way it could be pressed into wax to create a personal seal or signature.

Today signet rings are for everybody and just as popular for women as they once were for men. While we no longer need a ring to seal our letters or sign a document, the customizing options for these types of rings still make it the ultimate piece to create and show your personal style. Different shapes, sizes and engravings can create different looks, from elegant to bold and classic to modern. Wear it alone or stack it with your other favorite jewelry, the options are endless.

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